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Kiwirky Kiwisms – New Zealand Lingo from an American

When speaking to a friend of mine in Auckland (New Zealand’s largest city), we came up with the phrase kiwirky Kiwisms, a play on the word quirky, over coffee one day. It was the only word we could think of to describe the Kiwi lingo. This in no way is a negative term. New Zealanders are some of the kindest, welcoming people I have ever met, but there are obvious differences than back  ...


Romance of Travel – Things to Keep in Mind

The romance of travelling is not a force to be reckoned with. True travel is not an easy feat. Life does not stop. It doesn’t always sweep you away with ease. There is more to it than the flawless Instagram photos. It’s uncomfortable, it’s lonely, and confusing at times. Plain and simple. For me, what ended up being only a three month study abroad trip, turned out to be a  ...