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Rainy Season in Yangon – The Beginning of Burma

I could imagine the pagoda-filled landscape spreading the nation like randomly dispersed, sometimes gaudy, golden bells filling even the most remote village. A place that seemed so distant and unattainable (due to political and cultural battles), when I first studied it in my Southeast Asian courses 7 years prior. I finally arrived to the┬ádestination I had been longing for for a while  ...


Romance of Travel – Things to Keep in Mind

The romance of travelling is not a force to be reckoned with. True travel is not an easy feat. Life does not stop. It doesn’t always sweep you away with ease. There is more to it than the flawless Instagram photos. It’s uncomfortable, it’s lonely, and confusing at times. Plain and simple. For me, what ended up being only a three month study abroad trip, turned out to be a  ...


Sorry for being selfish

I have been wanting to document my findings and start writing about adventures for far too long now. I had it all set up: the domain name, the ideas, the time. I never pulled the trigger though, because frankly, I’m the queen of procrastination. I kept making excuses and stressing myself out with all of the details. You know, the same BS everybody goes through– I was stalling  ...